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Twenties: top dollar purchases

The best purchases of the last year can be confined to a very small but worthy list. I value what I have and this year am making a conscious effort to buy more second hand, mainly because it saves money where possible. Implementing keeping a list of things I’d really like prevents erratic purchases and really makes me question whether I need something, not dissimilar to the 30 day method. I like waiting because it stops the unneeded, hence anything bought is very much worthwhile.

A tin can £1 money box from Poundland. Pop in any spare change or tip money from odd jobs over the year and that’s the fund for a treat in the new years sale.

Anchor power bank and speedy plug. You don’t need the max impact one but buying direct from the website ensures extra discount.

Daniella draper jewellery- pretty, unisex and durable.

Everything I know about love, a delightful book which just quite simply makes you feel good. You can laugh and try and feel okay, which is rather normal compared to some abstract emotions these things subject you to.

Longer mens socks, they’re just really really comfy and warm. Mid length socks have no purpose. It’s ankle or long all the way.

Crocs - suitable for all weathers, multitude of terrains and most occasions.

Spare charging cables, you never know when yours might break. Always good to have a back up.

Packing cubes - your non crumpled clothes and organised suitcase will thank you for it.

Couch to 5k - a fabulous and free way to keep fit. No social interaction or fancy gym outfit required.

Toms trunks - comfy beyond belief.

Suitcases if you travel by train or plane a lot. They’re handy rather than straining your back.

A comb. Easy to pack, doesn’t make hair frizz.

Postage stamps - writing letters are really relaxing and makes you take a screen break.